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Say hello to The Seasonal Compass, they offer a sanctuary of health and harmony, nestled in Central New Jersey. Their expertise in Ayurvedic cooking and a range of limited-run herbal and culinary products reflects their commitment to seasonal living. Every product they create is a celebration of the season's unique energies, designed to bring balance and wellness into your life. Join them in embracing a lifestyle that is in sync with nature’s rhythms, for a journey of optimal health and natural well-being.

Read the Interview below with Meghan Ryan, Owner of The Seasonal Compass

Sticker Print: What inspired the name 'The Seasonal Compass'?

Meghan: The Seasonal Compass.. yes, an interesting name.  It's a combination of two things.  First, it comes from my training in Ayurveda, which teaches seasonal health. A lot of people are looking for health advice but they don't realize that as the year progresses and the seasons change, their health routines, including what they eat should also shift.  They think, oh this is a good diet, and it might work for them for a short time, but long term the knowledge people need is how to maintain health as the season shift by changing their routines.  This is where the seasonal part of the name comes from.  


Next, is Compass.. well what does a compass do?  If you know how to use it, it will point you in a certain direction you want to go. As a company, our compass points you in the direction of seasonal health.  For example, what do I do in the spring to maintain health?  in the summer? fall? winter? Also, I was trained as a Geographer and learned how to make maps in my college years, so the connection to the compass is also personal for me.  So this is where the name The Seasonal Compass comes from.


Sticker Print: Tell us the vision and mission of The Seasonal Compass?

Meghan: Our vision and mission is to empower people to live healthier lives by providing Ayurvedic and Herbal education and seasonal products that will support them throughout the year.

Sticker Print: What is Ayurvedic cooking?

Meghan: Ayurvedic cooking can be brought to any culinary style. It is rooted in an understanding that each individual has unique needs, and any dish can be modified to meet those needs.  This can be done by following Ayurvedic knowledge of seasonal eating, optimal digestion, body type food recommendations, and food compatibility. Once you understand these principles any dish can become Ayurvedic and appropriate for your body at any time.

Sticker Print: Where are you located and how can I buy from you?

Meghan: The Seasonal Compass is located in Central NJ, you can purchase from us by contacting us on Instagram @theseasonalcompass or email us at Our website is currently under construction.

Sticker Print: What design software do you use?

Meghan: For label design we use Adobe Illustrator and sometimes Canva for ideation.

Sticker Print: Why do you use Sticker Print?

Meghan: The quality of printing from Sticker Print is unsurpassed.  I love the finish and color quality on our labels, they look amazing.  Not only that, Brad always provides top notch service.  His turnaround time is extremely fast, he sends everything free one day shipping, and if I have any issues he immediately addresses them.  Working with a small printer also allows me to get my questions answered promptly and supporting other small businesses is important for me.

Sticker Print: Do you like Glossy or Matte finish better?

Meghan: I prefer matte finish.  It feels more earthy and aligned with our branding.

Sticker Print: How do labels help your brand?

Meghan: Labels are what the public interacts with, they are so important and they put the finishing touch on our brand.  They give us a professional aesthetic that every company can benefit from. Having waterproof labels is also a must. I've gotten products with homemade labels and they just don't hold up.  When I get a label that bleeds or breaks down on a product when it gets wet, the quality isn't there. Quality is really important for us and our labels relay that.

The Seasonal Compass

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